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Image of AGHAST AFTERGLOW "Imaging"
  • Image of AGHAST AFTERGLOW "Imaging"

01 - Fearless
02 - You're Killing Me from Inside
03 - Angels Can't Love
04 - Gaze My Sin
05 - Stolen Dreams
06 - VIII.X
07 - When Winter Will Come Back
08 - There's No Time
09 - Stream of Awareness
10 - Muto inconscio
11 - Hot Stuff

The album combines a wide range of influences which resulted in a great mix of symphonic metal and gothic rock elements made of stunning melodies throught the epical feelings that pervades each one of these eleven tracks.
Mark Basile from Prog metal band DGM is the special guest on the album track "Angels Can't Love".
The band release now a promotional videoclip for the song "There's no time".

For all fans of Evanescence, Epica, Nightwish