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YARAST "Tunguska 1908"


Image of YARAST  "Tunguska 1908"
  • Image of YARAST  "Tunguska 1908"

Available on Cd & Digital Album
Release Date:
27.05.2016 (DA)
10.06.2016 (CD)
Genre: Melodic Death Metal
Time: 40:16
Catalog Number: RR75
Barcode: 3614598312314

The main concept behind Yarast, fury in russian, is that of a distopic world in which it is the late Sovietic Union that gained the political domain in the 19th century instead of the West, represented by the United States. In tracks as Nuclear Winter and Rasputiza is well enclosed the band's main theme: the first one narrates what would happen if another atomic bomb would be drop, following the break out of a new conflict between West and East; in the second one we see war through the eyes of a soldier that finds himself in the middle of a game of power of entities bigger than him.
As said by the band's name, it is fury that dominates every track, in all of its faces: the simple ire in tracks as Doomsky fills your eyes and Tunguska 1908, the rage brought by being erased from memories of Tabula Rasa and the one that comes from feeling useless in Deserter. Through the most natural of emotions, the tracks portrait what truly is a human being.