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AVELION - "Illusion of Transparency"

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Image of AVELION - "Illusion of Transparency"
  • Image of AVELION - "Illusion of Transparency"

Available on Cd & Digital Album
Release Date: 07.04.2017
Genre: Modern Prog Metal
Time: 59:27
Catalog Number: RR88
Barcode: 3614973831362

“Illusion of Transparency” is an emotional journey through the fragility and strength of human nature.
We think we know everything, but the most transparent things to our eyes, may be the most illusory element.
“The introspective lyrics revolve around the human condition: interpersonal conflict, dehumanization and the difficulty that someone could experience while trying to "fit" into society are the themes of the album.” -William Verderi-
“We all live in the illusion of transparency. Just think about the media, the internet and our cognitive bias. Reality is becoming more and more blurred and shady.” -Oreste Giacomini-