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CARVED - Kyrie Eleison

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Available on Cd & Digital Album
Release Date:
28.10.2016 (CD)

Mixed and Mastered at Domination Studio by Simone Mularoni.

This is the story of a world in stasis, the world of those who from victims become executioners and, because of that, only crave deliverance. It's the journey of those who face the inevitability of Fate, of those who face the mythological figures of their existence, of those who are lost in their defeat. It's the path of those who face their Faith in order to define their own Free Will.

Genre: Melodic Death Metal
Time: 1:00:15
Catalog Number: RR83
Barcode: 3614970831563

For all fans of Amon Amarth, Dimmu Borgir, Opeth.