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MYR - "Habits"

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Image of MYR - "Habits"
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Available on Cd & Digital Album (2° Edition)
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The album is a reflection on the human condition in the western area of our world.
The way in which this reflection is expressed is a dark cynicism.
This is not a concept album, but - through different themes and stories - all the songs talk about the same concept: our shortcomings / deficiencies / absences.
The scenario in which the stories are told is always a great metropolis that slowly destroys the individuality and the freedom of thought: the urban and post-modern atmosphere of “Days of Convergence” (MYR first album) remains one of the pillars of MYR’s music.
That's why the cover portrays a cityscape on which stands a humanoid shape, sort of individual avatar (It’s also the same character that appears in “Addiction” video).
The individuality merges with the contingency and is deeply affected by it.
"Habits" are consuetude, habitude. Our habits take possession of us and force us into a routine in which we begin to forget our dreams, our plans.
Cynically, the distortions that we are perpetrating every day become the "habits" of the Western way of life. Violence, deceit, abandonment, non-respect.
Our deficiencies have become our habits. Because we don't have the force to change them and we prefer to live with them uncritically.

Genre: Post prog Metal
Time: 46:52
Catalog Number: RR80
Barcode: 3614970020929

For all fans of: Mastondon, Tool, Korn